Pain Balm Testimonials

Chronic Arthritis

My name is Olivia, and I have severe arthritis in my hands that keeps me awake at night. I have tried several prescription and over the counter painkillers that just don’t do the job like I need it. The pain gets so bad that it keeps me awake at night.

A couple days ago my grandson brought me a small jar of your Pain Balm Arthritis formula to try out. I didn’t know what to think of it, but I like all natural things and it smelled good. I tried it out on my hands that night, and had the first pain free night since I turned 75. It lasted all night, and I got the best nights sleep I’ve had for a long time!

Sprained Ankle – Acute Pain Relief & Accelerated Healing

     Thank you PainBalm.   I’m a highly active recreational athlete in outstanding shape.   While playing in a Lacrosse game last night I stepped into a unseen hole on the field, which immediately and severely sprained my ankle, so much that it also sent me tumbling and crashing into the ground.  I was in immediate pain.  After the game, just getting out of the car caused pain so bad I had to verbalize it and loudly, man it hurt.    I rubbed PainBalm on  the sore and swelled up area, and put a sock over it as they recommend and in minutes the pain was moving from very sharp to dull.
     By the next morning the amazing thing was someone asked how my ankle was,  not only had I forgotten about it, I could not remember which ankle I hurt, and lifted the wrong leg to look to see.  After moving and testing my ankle, I still could feel a little dullness,  I was surprised and impressed that the swelling was greatly reduced and I was only in little pain when fully mobile.
     The pain relief was so successful the first time , that I took only the one application.

Bike Crash – Acute Pain Relief & Accelerated Healing


I’m a 54 year old man who was riding his Bike home from work, and I crashed hard into a curb and street. I was moving fast so I had some time to prepare (in the air) before hitting hard cement.  I used my elbows to protect my fall,  since the elbow took the impact of a 250 pound man,  just below the elbow I had over a inch of swelling, at first I thought it was broken,   I was in high levels of pain and my elbow not only a very large swelled in an area, but also what we call road rash, rocks pebbles in the skin with areas of the skin that the pavement took off.     I applied PainBalm last night in a large dose before I went to bed and wrapped it up like they say.   Surprising I slept very well and woke up well rested, with only very minor pains due to some movements.

The next morning over 75% of the swelling was gone, and the wounds looked great, and I had so little pain, (a little stinging when I put on another application this morning, which was more from the road rash, than the actual impact area, ) that  I road my bike to work in the morning.  No one at work even has an any idea I crashed, even though one of our clients died of a similar fall just last week.

It was fantastic to take such a hard fall and feel so little pain,  I’m lucky :).

Thank You

John D.


8 days after the fall, my pain was never intense,  I applied PainBalm three times in the first days,  today the pain is still their but very mild, it appears as if the Natural pain reliefs effectiveness is now starting to decline, but still very effective, as it has been over a week since my last application.  It appears the decline in pain relief is occurring at about the same rate as my wound is healing, which to me is a nice touch, as I like my body to be free of outside body influences.  I still have a deep bone bruise  on my arm that is large enough, that a dollar bill,  will not cover it.   No real pain and such a large fall, and still large bruising and minor swelling over a week later, this worked well for me.

Back Pain Story – Chronic Pain Relief

     I was in a car accident when I was 17 years old, I’m now in my early 30′s and since the accident,  I’ve had regular back and joint pain.  When my boss handed me some PainBalm I told him this herbal stuff was a bunch of Bull Sh#% and it will not work.  But because he is my boss I felt obligated to try as I know he will ask about it.  To my surprise, it started working deeply in only minutes, no warm irritating sensation like with other products I’ve tried.  It worked so well by the next week I forgot I had the pain until my boss asked me.
     The only negative I saw was it left the honey colored stain that the extra strength formula is known for, for about a day.
     It was gone, first time in over 10 years I could remember going a week without the pain!
It was so great that I’m getting some  for my mom who has chronic foot pains. In only one application I went from a big doubter, and that’s  a understatement, to a promoter trying to help other family members with their pains.
     While I am still skeptical, to say the least, about many so called herbal remedies, I can say that this one did work for me.
DS   5/16/2014