TAT Balm Testimonials

Read up on testimonials of some of our products, and find out what the artists are saying!

“A lot of times with an aftercare, it leaves a real thick residue on the healing area, but not this stuff! It literally melts to the touch and soaks up into the skin, really getting the effects deep down. I’ve never seen anything like it, It’s great stuff!!!!!”

Tattoo Artist – Tacoma Washington

“The first thing I noticed was the smell! It smells great!!! Very all natural, pleasant smell, unlike a lot of others we have used in the past. If it works half as good as it smells, we will definitely be switching to TAT Balm!!!!!”

Elliot – Tattoo Artist

“This PopTAT Stuff is RAD!!!!!”

Sarah – Tattoo Artist

“All of the pain relievers I’ve ever worked with before leave the skin feeling rubbery and hard to work with. The PreTAT actually made it smoother and easier, I was very pleasantly surprised!”

Tattoo Artist, Kent Washington.

” I tried the PreTAT product. I was very pleased with how smoothly it went on and absorbed into the skin. It was a pleasure to work with, and did well as an antiseptic. My customer who has had several tattoos before, said their pain was below half of what it normally is, which is pretty cool for an all natural product! I will be recommending it to my customers!”

Tattoo Artist, Salem, Oregon.

“Being from the north west, I love the idea of all natural products. In the past I have been disappointed with tattoo products who only go halfway, having some synthesized ingredients, and some natural. However when I got some  Tat Balm, I found to my surprise that they were completely all natural. I tried the PreTAT on a new tattoo the next day, and was surprised again at how well it works. As with many all natural products, it was a little grainy, and thin, but the fact that they get such good pain relief, and an antiseptic that really works, with only using safe natural ingredients makes it a winner in my books.”

Catherine – Tattoo Artist in Washington

“I really liked all of the TatBalm products. The Pain Relief worked a lot better than i would expect for a non lidocaine product…Tat Balm will get front row and center on our shelves. Until then, I am recommending them to all my customers.”

Brad – Salem, Oregon

“I love that this stuff can be reapplied halfway through the tattoo, and doesn’t mess with my work at all! much easier to work with than alot of other pain relievers “

Tattoo Artist – Portland Oregon

“I received a tattoo from one of my favorite artists and while I loved the artwork, the itching got so bad I couldn’t help but scratch at it. This was a problem and it became infected, I went to the doctor but even though we caught it early, I could not afford the expensive antibiotics they prescribed. A friend of mine gave me their left over AfterTAT, and I tried it out. Not only did it immediately stop the itching so I didn’t keep scratching it, but within two weeks my infection was completely gone, without the need for the expensive prescription! I have told all my friends about it, and recommend that anyone who is in my situation try this first, or even better, start using it from day one to keep it from getting infected in the first place!!!”

Adriana – Salem, Oregon

“I thought the AfterTAT was pretty great. I was hesitant about an all natural type thing on a new tattoo, so i tried it myself first, but it actually did its job, and was much smoother than i would expect. I never even felt a single itch. Pretty good stuff.”

Tattoo Artist – Salem, Oregon

“Everyone knows aftercare is important, and this stuff was pretty great!!!!!”

Tattoo Artist – Eugene Oregon

“I got my sleeve tattoo over 20 years ago when i was in the marines, and absolutely loved it! But as I have gotten older it has really faded out. I have considered getting it redone, as I really miss how great it used to look. The other day I was chatting with a friend, who had a bottle of PopTAT on his desk, and he offered me some. I rubbed just a little bit into my skin and within minutes, my tattoo was back to looking almost brand new. I couldn’t believe it!”

Anon – Salem, Oregon

“At first I thought that this PopTAT was a strange being just an oil, but it looked good, and I thought it was pretty great that it lasted all day. You can’t get that from a lotion!”

Tattoo Artist – Salem Oregon

“When I got my PopTAT I thought it was awesome!!!! All of my artists at the shop I own wanted to try it, and they thought it was awesome too!!! Glad to support an all natural company like Tat Balm!!!!!

Tattoo Artist – Tacoma, Washington

“I liked all the products, but it was the PopTAT that sold me on it!!! I can’t wait to get my order!!!”

Rocky – Tattoo Artist